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     Becoming a Member of Helping With Arts means many things. Members help manage our online image, organize files, and higher positions help plan out events and contribute to deciding themes and other huge decisions.

     To become a Member, you must submit a Member Application linked here (also on the Links page) and acknowledge the Helping With Arts Membership Agreement. We will also conduct an interview with you after you submit your application, but it will not affect the outcome of whether or not we accept you.

     Once accepted, Members are employed for a term of six months. When the term is over, if the Member wishes to continue their work then the three Founders will hold a majority-ruled vote to decide whether the Member will be employed again. More details will be mentioned in the Member Agreement regarding withdrawal and conditions.

     Being a Member can get you:

  • Work experience

  • A nice resume

  • Volunteer hours outside of events, if you keep track of them!

  • A certificate upon retirement (expulsion does not apply)

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