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Chinese Children in Poverty

August 2023: Education and Living

     Despite efforts to reduce poverty, income is still quite unequal. There are approximately 9 million children who are disadvantaged and 4.5 million living in extreme poverty.

     Primarily, most of them live in rural areas. This can be dangerous as many human trafficking cases occur with victims from these less developed settings. Additionally, government statistics show that 100,000 people in China are subject to human trafficking each year and children make up 10% of those victims. 

     Poverty-stricken children are lacking in nutrition, clean water, sanitation, housing, and proper healthcare. Typically, they might get around 200 yuan a month for food expenses, which amounts to less than 28 USD. That's about 90 US cents for food everyday. 

     20% of the total population in China are children. That's about 271 million children, out of the 1.35 billion total inhabitants. Around 100 million experience poverty. There are 150,000 registered street children in China.

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