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Chinese Children in Poverty

February 2024: Chinese New Year

     For the event of February 2024, we aimed to close our first-ever topic on a positive note. With the convenient timing, introducing Chinese New Year!

     The history of Chinese New Year is popularly thought to revolve around Nian, a mythical beast that terrorized the people and ate their crops, livestock, and even humans. To prevent Nian from coming, people put food outside their door on the night of the Chinese New Year. It is also said that Nian was scared of the color red and loud noises. Firecrackers and other loud noises are present along with red being the color of most decorations and traditional celebratory clothing. 

     Some popular foods eaten to celebrate Chinese New Year are Tang Yuan (sticky rice balls), Nian Gao (sticky rice cake), and Jiaozi (dumplings).

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