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Helping With Arts also organizes summer camps and online competitions!


Check out these pages for details if you're interested:

Music Competition

Art Summer Camp

In The Wind
by Christina Yang

Happy Birthday
by Christina Yang

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RiverLin Liu
00:00 / 07:38
Maiden of the MoonlightLin Liu
00:00 / 06:50
MurdererLin Liu
00:00 / 06:06

by Christina Yang

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Our summer camp this year will feature a crash course on various visual arts. Skilled instructors can help kids at all levels, from beginners to experts. It is a program that lasts five days with multiple courses to choose from with varying prices.


We also host online music compositions featuring composition and performance. Performance is divided into two categories, solo and ensemble. All adjudicators either have a diploma in music or have been educated in music. There are cash prizes for winners along with other rewards.

Monster of the Wicked WoodsLin Liu
00:00 / 05:19
Since you went awayLin Liu
00:00 / 04:51

Still Life
by Christina Yang

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