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Art Summer Camp

     Here is the information for the summer camp of 2024.

     When: August 21 - August 25

     (Time: 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.)

     Where: RE/MAX Town Center

     (Address: 15117 Main St B106, Mill Creek, WA 98012)

     Our Helping With Arts Art Summer Camp has three courses to choose from with different prices for each course. Supplies will be provided and children of all ages are welcome.


     Acrylic: $20 per day

     Watercolor: $15 per day

     Pencil Sketch: $10 per day

     Seashell Fun: $5*

     *The Seashell Fun course can only be bought once, it is a course where a seashell is given to paint on. It must be purchased in addition to another course.

     How to Join

     We'd love for you to join us! Email us at with the following information about the attendee:

  • Full name

  • Legal guardian name

  • Birthday/Age as of August, 2024

  • Course(s) chosen

     Tuition can be paid at the event upon arrival or in advance. To pay in advance, click here and pay online. If courses are changed, more payments may be made later. You cannot pay online after August 21, 2024. There are no refunds. 


     Once students have selected a course, they will select a picture they wish to draw. These are reference pictures that will serve as examples, but they are not meant to be replicated. Once a basic sketch has been formed, the instructors will guide the students on anything they need help with. 

     The instructors are there to help the students, not give them directions. Specific directions will only be given for the Seashell Fun course.

     Classes are divided by age groups of under 10 and over 14. 


     Information on the instructors at the Art Summer Camp will be posted soon.

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